TOP 21 Things All Book Lovers Need

Books are the source of knowledge, and people who do not read might lack of knowledge and good practices for their lives. For fictional books, they also contain fantasies that could fuel people’s imaginations and creativities. Books are important, and for book lovers they shall not have only books but others items which are related to books as follow.

Ultimate List of Top 21 Items Bookworms Must Have

21 things book lovers need (1)

21. Reading Pillow

reading pillow

A book is an awesome piece of educational entertainment, and what you should also bring along when browsing through the pages is a reading pillow. A reading pillow will take your book reading experience to a whole new level in terms of comfort and relaxation. Let’s sway those sunny day away with a good book and the most comforting reading pillow you own.

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20. Kindle


One of the items that might come into the mind of a book lover first could be a kindle. Readers love kindle because the device could save hundreds or thousands of e-books. Readers could also use device to read books at nighttime, or they could bring the kindle anywhere they go. Therefore, the kindle is easy for a quick trip or a summer abroad. Unlike phones or tablets, a kindle could be used for many days per charge.

20. Kindle Cover

cute kindle cover

In case you already have a kindle, you might also need a cover. Although kindle is helpful for you as a reader; it often comes with a simple design. However, if you have an awesome or colorful kindle, your reading experience would be amazing.

18. Desk Lamp

desk lamp

It is clear that a book lover will need a desk lamp. There is time we want to read books at night because nighttime is silent and calming. In addition, some people prefer to read at nighttime because they are more productive at night. Therefore, it is important that they have a desk lamp so that they could read a night. A desk lamp is also highly recommended because light bulb could interrupt your family’s sleeping.

17. Bookshelf


Book lovers often have many books to read. While people enjoy shopping for clothes, book lover enjoys shopping for books. Sometimes, they buy many new books; even though they do not have time to read. Book lovers are often proud of possessing many books, and they feel the need to display those books to their guests. Thus, a bookshelf is a must for book lovers.

16. Sticky note

sticky notes

Sticky note is essential because as readers, we need to jot down our comments and opinions on important quotes or plot twists in our fictions. For a book lover, it is a nightmare if our beloved books got stained. We need a sticky note so that we could place our thoughts at any pages of our beloved books without having to destroy them.

15. Sticker

harry potter stickers

Book addicts should have stickers of different images on their books so that the books will be cute and awesome. It would be amazing if you have stickers of Harry Potter for your favorite Harry Potter album.

14. Highlighter


We use highlighter for academic purpose. But, we also use highlighter to recognize favorite pages of our non-academic books so that we could read and re-read on our spare time. Besides, we could save our favorite quotes on the books. Thus, we could use the quotes for our Instagram’s captions. There is nothing cooler than posting an awesome picture along with relevant awesome caption on your Instagram or Facebook.

13. Book Bag

book bag

Book bag could be used by book lovers of any genders, but girls usually like to have book bag. Book bag is a nice thing to have and to keep your books wherever you go. We could carry it to beach on Summer break or just bring it to class. If you are on trip, you could become more awesome with a book bag. If you go to class, you will look more classic and cool. Both things are nice qualities to be appealed to people.

12. Pencil


A pencil could be ignored by book lovers, but we will not forget to include it in our list due to its importance. A pencil is important because you could write down anything coming up to your mind on your favorite non-fiction and personal development books. You sometimes want to be productive and read on the points about productivity. Hence, you could write down the unproductive habits you have on the books.

11. Bookmark


There is no reader who will forget his/her bookmarks. Some people would just remember their last reading page by clipping the page or put a card or something on the page. However, the activities are not highly recommended because clipping the page could not keep your books nice. Other tools such as an ID card are not made to make you recognize your last reading page. A bookmark is still the best in this condition.

10. Poster

reading quote

It is time to decorate your room. For book lovers, a poster with favorite quotes from favorite books would be perfect to stick with the wall and decorate their rooms. A poster about your favorite characters from the books which turn to movies are as awesome as the quote ones.

9. Thematic sweater

thematic sweaters

Every book lover would love to have a sweater with the colors they like and prints of their favorite lines. Some book lovers might also love to have faces of their favorite authors on the sweater. Such thematic sweaters such as those related to the “Maze Runners” or “To All the Boys I have Loved Before.”

8. Coffee mug with quotes

do important things now before they are urgent

Many people love reading their newly bought books with a cup of coffee. Some other love to have tea or hot chocolate instead. Nonetheless, a cup of hot beverage, a book and a raining day would be a perfect combination for reading indoor. It would be interesting if the mug comes with your favorite taglines.

7. Keychain

thor keychain

A keychain which comes in a picture of library, bookshelf, books, or weapon in a novel is a great asset to have because everyone could naturally know that you love reading so much. You could get a keychain for your car key or apartment key. Every time you lock your door or open your car, people might get opportunity to see and feel excited about your awesome keychain.

6. Nerd-like glasses

nerd like glasses

Sometimes, a book lover is also a nerd. However, being a nerd or looking like a nerd is nothing bad. Even though some people do not look like a nerd; they also prefer to look like one. And, it is important for any book lovers to have a nerd-like glasses if they want to look like a real nerdy person.

5. Watch with design related to books


That must be a colorful watch with picture of books or some cool quotes behind the clock. Having a watch like this could motivate you to read more. With a watch, you could be empowered and inspire others to read and love books like you do.

4. Postcard

postcard book

It is no longer difficult to find gifts for your friends on their birthdays. A postcard with design related to your favorite book as well as a good book could be a perfect gift for your friends and family. With such gift, your friends would have their best birthdays. You and your friends could also build a stronger bond because you share your favorite books and postcards to them.

3. Wristband


For millennial readers, wristband can be a cool thing to have. You could have different types of wristbands which match with your interests of books. You could just have a plain white wristband, but you could color and write down taglines from your beloved books. You could also have wristband with thematic design for book lovers.

2. Fancy candle


A fancy candle is also a good thing to have for book lovers. Colorful candles with good smell could help you to read books more productively. In addition, if you read book with lover, a candle would be ideal to create a romantic environment.

1. Notebook


Some people do not only read books; they also reflect. Hence, it is important that they have a notebook so that they could reflect the lessons they learn from them. Whether those books are fictional or non-fictional, they also have great lessons behind. A notebook is a good thing to have if you are a book lover.


From kindle to notebook, all the items are worthy to have for you as book lovers. It is hard for us to recommend which one, but we believe you could know what you really like. You may choose any items which motivate you to read and love books more.