Types of Gymnastic Mats – [Consumer’s Guide]

Having a gymnastic mat offers lot of benefits to gymnastic lovers/enthusiasts. Gymnastic mats are made of high-density foam, rubber, vinyl, and so on. The mats can help decreasing noise from loud exercise activities, including handstand as well as aerobic workouts. It also helps protect your body parts from injuries in case you are accidentally slipping or falling to the ground during the workouts. In addition, it helps protecting your floor as well.

In this article, we would introduce you the types of gymnastic mats which you can use for different kind of workouts.

Types of Gymnastic Mat

The types of gymnastic mat are as following:

1. Foam Mat

Gymnastic foam mats are mostly made of polyethylene foam, which provides a great cushioned and support. The foam mats are usually high shock absorption, providing a soft and safe landing. This one is a perfect option for high intensity training workouts. The mats are also durable, and mostly they come with strong and firm stitches that ensure a longevity of use. The foam mats are also easy to clean up.

2. Rubber Mat

Rubber mats are one of the most popular gymnastic mat types. They are strong, durable, as well as easy to clean. They are also lightweight and portable to bring along when you are having a trip to anywhere, and do not want to miss out your workout time. More than just use for workouts, the rubber mats also provide comfort for footing, and reduces fatigue. The mats are also water-resistant.

3. Inflatable Mat

Inflatable mats allow users to jump higher on it. The mats use air for its inside. Inflating it takes little time. And, of course, it can absorb shock as well. The inflatable mats are also light, and give less to no chance to get injured by jumping higher above this one. The mats are also silent, and easy to move around, and bring anywhere you go.

4. Pilates Mat

This one is thick yet not sticky, and it is an ideal choice for all gymnastic lovers, to own one and exercise separately at home. The mats are usually made of the thermal plastic elastomer, which will be long-lasting. It also provides comfort and great absorption. This one is also easy to clean. You can just wipe them after you have used.


Having a gymnastic mat is an advantage. More than just for gym activities, it helps protecting your body part from injuries while doing the exercise. They are also easy to clean and fold to store right away after using. You should own one or this could also be a great gift idea to your beloved ones shall they are a gymnastic lover.

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