What are the Types of Table Protectors – [Consumers’ Guide]

Are you having a trouble with your dining table getting stained, scratches, heat damaged, or difficult to have it cleaned all the time? This is when you need to have a table protector pads that will protect your table top from all these problems. There are many types of table protectors available in the market today. Different types of them provide different benefits to both your table tops and you differently.

In this article, you will get details on types of table protectors and its benefits.


There are 4 types of table protectors, such as:

I. Plastic

The first table protector type is Plastic table protector. The plastic table protector is common among users for it is easy to clean and fit with any table shapes by just trimming or cutting it. Most of the plastic table protector is made of PVC vinyl, which is durable and sturdy, ensuring a longevity of use. Moreover, the plastic dining table protector is compatible to protect your table tops against stains, spillage, scuffs, heat damage, as well as scuffs. Last but not least, the plastic table covers are clear and see-through, and thus allows you to still be able to show off the aesthetic of your expensive dining furniture.

II. Fabric

Fabric table protectors are heatproof and protect your table top against scratches. Like the plastic table pads, fabric table protector can easily match with any table shapes and sizes. You can just trim or cut it to your table shape and size accordingly. Not able to see-through like the plastic type, the fabric table protector adds another type of decoration to your table according to the fabric colors and patterns. With the fabric type, you can easily wash it clean in the washing machine.

III. Glass

Another type of table protector is made out of Glass. Unlike plastic or fabric table protector, the glass table top protector did not make any air bubbles when putting it on the table top. More than just protecting your table top from scratches and heat damage, the glass table cover also plays as a contemporary decoration to your dining room. With glass table protector, you can also easily wash it cleaned with just wet cloth.

IV. Bamboo

The last type of the table protector we are introducing is the bamboo table mats. It is an amazing alternative choice of vinyl table protector, for bamboo is a renewable resource. The bamboo protector works just as perfectly as the plastic, glass, and fabric against the heat damage, scratches, as well as stains. The unique bamboo colors will also add a touch of fascinating décor to your home. Another good thing of the bamboo table mat is that it can be easily folded when not in use.


In conclusion, all types of the above table protectors protect your table from scratches as well as heat damage. You can choose its type according to your table top shape and the benefits of the protectors you want.

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